1. My favorite genre of music: Dang. Um. Ah. You have caught me. I cannot choose between my lovely Christian, accapella, instrumental, folk, Celtic music…….. Emma you have flustered me with this question

  2. I tried to fix it but idk what’s wrong with my ask. So if you try to send me an ask and it doesn’t work…. This wonderful person here has a semi solution? Idk

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    "You hit like a girl," the strong female character says

    "Stop being such a girl," the strong female character says

    "Man up," the strong female character says

    "Shut the fuck up," I whisper

    #stop using my gender as an insult


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    "Hopefully you remember us from Caroline Lee’s engagement party. I’m William Darcy and this is my… fiancée, Lizzie Bennet. We want to know if you’d be interested in planning a wedding in San Francisco."

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  5. four easy steps to destroy me, a story by emma approved

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    tea vs coffee

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  7. "His tall, firm, upright figure, among the bulky forms and stooping shoulders of the elderly men, was such as Emma felt must draw every body’s eyes; and, excepting her own partner, there was not one among the whole row of young men who could be compared with him.”

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  8. ❝ It was badly done, indeed! You, whom she had known from an infant, whom she had seen grow up from a period when her notice was an honour, to have you now, in thoughtless spirits, and the pride of the moment, laugh at her, humble her–and before her niece, too–and before others, many of whom (certainly some,) would be entirely guided by your treatment of her.–This is not pleasant to you, Emma–and it is very far from pleasant to me; but I must, I will,–I will tell you truths while I can. ❞ 

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    kyrieanne was saying yesterday that this version of Frank is pretty much the worst, and I could not agree more heartily. I think at the end of the series all I really want is for everyone to be happy except for Frank, who is a douche, and needs to go to douche rehab. Because even if at the end of it the reason their relationship is kept secret is because they’re both very private people who wanted to keep their private stuff super private, he could have done that without being a parade of inappropriate. I also think it would be really interesting for Jane to end up fitting well at the job Caroline suggested—it would be nice for Caroline to have a victory in some ways, first of all, and second of all, I think it would be good for Jane and Emma to come to an accord at the end of the series where they understand each other but also that their temperaments are maybe not suited to the same office space. I don’t see any reason that wouldn’t work. And I definitely think Jane Bennet would appreciate the earnestly well-meaning qualities of Jane Fairfax, and Jane Fairfax would appreciate how unpretentiously genuine Jane Bennet is, and they would drink a lot of tea together and talk about doing good deeds in the world through philanthropy and fashion. 

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    Little Emma Approved Things [04/?]


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